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What is the V.A.R.K. Model?

V.A.R.K. is an acronym developed by Neil Fleming used to simplify people's preferred learning styles. These learning styles are visual, audiotory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic (hands-on activity). This product incorporates the visual, auditory, read/writing, and kinesthetic (VARK) aspects of learning to teach these alphabet names and its multitude of sounds to the children. It is fun, interactive, and taps into their preferred mode of learning. It also reinforces their own other forms of learning.

What is the U.D.L. Framework?

In 1984, David Rose and Ann Meyer of the Center of Applied Technology created the Universal Design for Learning Framework, or U.D.L. They designed methods and teaching strategies that can be used on students of all learning styles and backgrounds. Each student would have an equal opportunity to succeed, based on research on how students learn. The U.D.L. framework provides a multitude of instructional methods, strategies, and tools that teachers and parents can use to enhance students' learning. This product takes inspiration from the U.D.L. Framework to target each learner's preferred learning style and use it to enhance and hasten their learning.

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