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The Phonics Kingdom Story Contest

  • The Adventures of PhonoMojo
  • The Adventures of ​Queen Charlotte
  • The Adventures of Princess Phoneme Paulina
  • The Aventures of Oogle Doogle McNoodle
King Exeter
*Commissioned- means to be sent on a mission


Story Contest Rules and Conditions

1. Create an account.

2. Listen to King Exeter's mission for PhonoMojo. (PhonoMojo Commissioned!)

3. Read the online version: Welcome to the Phonics Kingdom.

4. Learn about each of the characters of the phonics Kingdom. 

5. Choose one of the titles from the selection to write about.

6. Write your adventure story in a way that agrees with the teachings of the phonics world.  In addition, the adventures stories should not conflict with the Phonics World, The Phonics Kingdom, nor the Phonics Rules.

7. Post your Phonics King Adventure story ranging from 500-1000 words. (All stories become the property of

8. Contestants may vote for themselves as well as having friends vote for their story.

9. The top 10 stories with the most votes from each category will be selected for further evaluation.

10. The first place winner and the second place winner from each category will be featured on website, The PhonicsKing Youtube channel, and Blog after the selection.

11. The first prize winners in each category will win $150. The winners may also elect to publish their story exclusively in the world of the Phonics Kingdom for additional royalties. (Conditions apply) 

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