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Phonics Celebration CD Lyrics and Coloring Book

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The Phonics Celebration Lyrics and Coloring Book is an excellent addition to The Phonics Celebration CD. The lyrics and coloring book contain words and activities for the 26 original songs, chants, skits, and phonics lessons of The Phonics Celebration CD. Combined with the CD, your child will have the opportunity to color images representing the tunes visually. This combination will spark your child's interest and imagination in the Phonics World. There are images representing beginning sounds, middle sounds, and ending sounds for your child to learn and color. There are 28 bonus exercises to increase your child’s sounds recognition skill. In the world of the Phonics Kingdom, your child will enjoy seeing alphabet characters (ABC...) hopping around the courtyard, vowel digraphs (ee, ea, ai, ie) bobbing through the hallways, diphthong sounds (th, ch, sh, wh) leaping in the lilies, and r-controlled vowels (ar, er, ir, or, ur) doing somersaults near the phonics dungeon. Do you wonder why there is a dungeon in such a fun and happy place? Prepare to plunge into the world of the Phonics Kingdom. Buy the Phonics Celebration Lyrics and Coloring Book, the Phonics Celebration CD, and the Alphabet Stories series to find out more about this fantastic phonics world. This series promotes a remarkable appreciation for reading and language learning.

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