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Resources that supplement 

The Alphabet Stories Series Triad




  • The Phonics King Games/App

  • The Phonics King Practice Books 

  • Phonics Celebration CD: A New Generation of Alphabet Songs, Chants and Phonics Fun! 

  • The Phonics King Animated Children Videos

  • The Adventures of the Phonics Kingdom

Books, CDs, Apps, & More...



Strengthen your child's

  • Phonics skills

  • Visual discrimination skills

  • Letter recognition skills with The Alphabet Stories Triad (volume 1, Volumes 2A, 2B, and Volume 3

  • This series features progressive alphabet lessons that reinforce math and reading concepts.

  • It is organized in clusters of five alphabet letters (ABCDE, FGHIJ, KLMNO, PQRST) with the last cluster having six letters (UVWXYZ).

  • Many of the topics are arranged within a geometric theme:


Nouns for People, Animals, Places, and Things / Uppercase and Lowercase Letters / Letter Mazes / Picture Mazes / Beginning Sounds / Ending Sounds / Mixed Alphabet Cluster

Early Learning

Pre-K to 3rd Grade
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