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About the Phonics Kingdom

The Phonics Kingdom is a multi-sensory, fictional world that is educational, playful, and whimsical. 

Behold the Phonics Kingdom

 In the Phonics Kingdom, learning phonics takes the form of singing, dancing, playing, viewing, reading and writing.  It targets all the preferred modes of learning.



  • Visual components consist of The Phonics King Videos and The Phonics King Games, along with electronic books and practice workbooks.



  • Auditory components consist of The Phonics Celebration CD: Alphabet Songs, Chants, and Phonics Fun, which contains 25 phonics songs, skits and phonics lessons that target most of the phonemes of the English language, including ee.ea. ar, er, ir, or, ur, au/aw, ou, ow, oi, oy, soft c, soft g, al, le, th, sh, wh, ch, and others. 



  • Read/ Write components are rich in stories about The Phonics Kingdom characters and their adventures in the phonics world: The Adventures of PhonoMojo, PhonoMojo commissioned, The Adventures of Princess Phoneme,  The Adventures of the evil villain Oogle Doogle McNoodle and The Adventures of Butler Lloyd.



  • Kinesthetic components are supported by videos and games, so children of all learning styles can grow and develop. 



 Let the journey begin!

Waltzing with the
 king and queen
Hi, I am King Exeter!
King Exeter
Hi, I am Queen Charlotte!
Queen Charlotte
This is PhonoMojo!
Princess Phoneme and her pet Paulina
Princess Phoneme & Paulina
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