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How to Unlock your Kid's Superpowers

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Unlock your child's superpowers in reading, writing, speaking, and critical thinking with The Phonics King early reading series!

Level up their skills and conquer educational quests, one letter at a time! Watch as their knowledge and confidence skyrocket, leaving no challenge unturned!

Reclaim your children's education and embark on an epic learning adventure, powered by five magical letters at a time!
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Phonics Celebration Coloring Book Cover

Welcome to The Phonics Kingdom

With The Phonics Celebration CD and
The Alphabet Stories Workbooks
Your Child Will Learn:

Letter, shape, number, and sound recognition
Synonyms/antonyms, homonyms/homophones, and vocabulary development
Classify/sorting, comparing/contrasting, and compound words
Tracing, writing, and copying
Critical thinking, listening, and speaking skills
and much more!

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Why I Wrote This Series

Help Your Child Reach Their Full Potential

Hey there, young moms! Let's dive into my wild adventures as an educator extraordinaire. Picture this: I was tutoring all kinds of students, from little munchkins learning their ABCs to big high schoolers tackling the SATs. But guess what? They all had something in common!

Yep, you guessed it. These talented kiddos had some sneaky gaps in their knowledge and skills. Multisyllabic words? Tricky. Vocabulary? Limited of Understanding texts? Huh? Critical thinking? A bit foggy. It was like they had secret vaults of learning gaps following them from grade to grade.

Regular classroom instruction wasn't cutting it, so I put on my superhero cape and unleashed two powerful strategies. Strategy number one: I became a learning style detective. I discovered that each child has their own unique learning style, whether they're visual wizards or kinesthetic superheroes. So, I designed special objectives tailored to their style, making learning a breeze. When they learn faster, their confidence skyrockets, and they become unstoppable!

Now, here comes strategy number two: I turned into a creative maestro. Sometimes, the preferred learning style wasn't available, but these little brains still needed to soak up knowledge. So I transformed into a singing, chanting, and acting maestro, bringing the information to life in hilarious skits and catchy tunes. Learning became an epic show, and the kids couldn't get enough.

Guess what happened? Magic! My strategies connected with the students like PB&J. They started improving faster than a race car on a rocket ship. I became a traveling teacher, hopping from city to city, spreading knowledge like confetti. But you know what? I wanted to reach even more kids, so I decided to create...drumroll please...The Phonics Kingdom!

In the kingdom, we build a solid phonics foundation that crushes those pesky learning gaps. We keep motivation sky-high by embracing their preferred learning styles. We create mind-blowing learning experiences that stick in their noggins, even if it means tap-dancing while solving math problems (okay, maybe not tap-dancing, but you get the idea).

And the best part? We're intentional about their learning journey. We want those light bulb moments to shine bright and stick with them forever. So, join me, young moms, as we embark on an epic adventure in The Phonics Kingdom. Let's turn those learning gaps into giggles, and watch our little ones soar to greatness. Get ready for a learning extravaganza like no other! Are you in?

Mother and Child

"I believe young children need to grow and develop in 5 major areas"

Marie Alexandre, Instructional Coach/The Phonics King Founder

Curious Child

Phonemic Awareness




Narrative & Informational Texts

Critical Thinking

Caring Child

I believe young children need to grow and develop in 5 major areas:

1. Phonemic Awareness

2. Phonics

3. Vocabulary Development

4. Narrative & Informational Texts 

5. Critical Thinking Skill


During my work with parents and teachers, I frequently recommend that they be intentional about each child's learning style. If you target your child's preferred learning style, you will build your child's capacity to learn and ability to do, at a faster speed than those who don't implement this strategy.

Follow these 3 easy steps to start being intentional about your child's education today.

1. Identify your child's preferred learning style

(Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, Kinesthetic) V.A.R.K.

2. Learn strategies designed for that learning style

3. Implement teaching strategies that target that learning style.

It is equally important to reinforce other learning styles.

For example, if the child is a visual learner, design learning experiences that are mostly visual.


However, you also need to build your child's capacity for auditory learning (listening) and kinesthetic learning (movement) by reviewing the content in these ways as well. If your child's preferred learning style is not available for particular content, the child still needs to be able to learn. Therefore, it is in the child's best interest for you to help your child develop that modality. 

The Phonics Celebration CD and The Alphabet Stories workbooks are filled with activities that target the 3 big learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

The Alphabet Stories Series can promote your child's growth and development in all five developmental areas while also targeting all three primary learning styles.

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The Phonics Celebration CD

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We tell our kids that they will learn how to write an essay at grade X, but then when they reach that grade we expect them to know how to write without ever teaching them how.

Gerry A., Student

So don't just set great goals for your children. 

Help them build the capacity to achieve them!

The Phonics King can help you do just that!

Your Child's Skills After School

Letter, shape, number, and
sound recognition
tracing, writing, and copying
synonyms/antonyms, homonyms/homophones, and vocabulary development
classification/categorization, comparing/contrasting, and compound words
critical thinking, listening, and speaking skills
and more!

Your Child's Skills After The Phonics Series

Letter, shape, number, and
sound recognition
tracing, writing, and copying
synonyms/antonyms, homonyms/homophones, and vocabulary development
classification/categorization, comparing/contrasting, and compound words
critical thinking, listening, and speaking skills
and more!
Children in Library

About ME

Get ready for some teaching excellence, moms! Welcome to the world of Marie Olga, the queen of education and fun. As a passionate educator and eternal learner, I've made it my mission to impact students' lives while keeping the joy alive. Who said learning couldn't be a blast?

I've conquered the realms of 1st, 2nd, and 5th grade, and even cracked the codes of K-12 tutoring. College skills courses and SAT verbal and writing sections? Piece of cake! I've coached countless teachers, helping them unleash their instructional superpowers and boost those little geniuses' learning outcomes.

Now, here's the scoop: my diverse experiences have revealed some sneaky knowledge gaps in children. But fear not! I've harnessed these insights to create the fabulous Alphabet Stories Series. Consider it your secret weapon for your kiddo's early reading, writing, listening/speaking, and thinking development. It's like magic for their minds!

Give it a whirl, and trust me, you'll be grinning from ear to ear. Get ready to witness the brilliance that happens when education meets entertainment. Excellence? Oh, it can definitely be taught! So buckle up, moms, and let's embark on this hilarious and enlightening journey together. You won't regret it!

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